The true practice of yoga is not about the shape of your body, but rather, the shape of your mind.



The true practice of yoga is not about the shape of your body, but rather, the shape of your mind. At Yoga Rebels, our Vinyasa Flow class welcomes all levels of practitioners.  Our Vinyasa Flow encourages a blend of mindful and creative movement that aims to promote personal transformation by deepening the connection between mind, body, and breath. Each class incorporates a vigorous, more athletic experience that is characterized by safe, purposeful yoga sequences designed to concentrate on body alignment, core work, and increased flexibility.  

We ask that students walk through our doors ready to embrace change, while possessing a willingness to cultivate your personal precision, gentleness, and ability to let go.  The room is heated by infrared panels to compliment your workout and increase your focus. Students are encouraged to flow at their own pace, ultimately leaving feeling rinsed, revitalized, and ready to conquer their personal unknown.


Unroll your mat for a transformative mind-body experience. Practiced in a heated studio, our Rebel 26 class consists of 2 breathing exercises and a series of 26 poses aimed to detox your body, increase flexibility and strengthen your muscles. This 75-minute class combines the traditional hot yoga series with our rebellious instructors to create a modern and refreshing studio vibe. Explore the unknown of Rebel 26 – which rebel will you be today?


Our Rebel HIIT class is a simple concept; however simple does not take away its challenge. Rebel HIIT is a training system that combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with muscle toning exercises in a heated room, designed to provide a challenging and robust workout in a short period of time. Rebel HIIT is not just about getting a full body workout, it’s about working on yourself. Whether its planks, squats or any of the pilates inspired movements used in class, our interval training promotes lean muscle mass and burns fat while increasing your body’s endurance. All movements are low impact, helping to protect your joints and muscles from the aches and pains that may be intensified by other exercises.  This class also aims to strengthen your core, improve your circulation, and increase your flexibility. Inhale, exhale, and allow yourself to cultivate your inner Rebel.


Our own Mindful Mobility class uses the heat to delve deep into the connective tissues of the body, while allowing your muscles to relax and move in harmony with both mind and breath.  Students hold a handful of poses for longer periods, giving their body time to further open and move deeper into each pose, leading to a healthy range of motion for all of your daily actions. Suitable for all levels, this yin style of practice can be viewed as a compliment to more intense styles of yoga, where simplicity is essential.  Slow things down, look inward, and discover your inner peace.

•  Sign up online or via our app.

• Arrive to class 15 minutes before class start time to get signed in and acclimated to the heat.

• Hydrate before and after class.  Beverages may be purchased at the front desk.

• No bags, cellphones, or shoes are permitted in the studio room.

• Wear breathable, athletic clothing that you feel comfortable moving in.

• Yoga mats + towels are included with your class.  Just bring your inner rebel.

• Keep an open mind.  Listen to your body.  Follow your breath.

To ensure there’s enough space to move, we cap our classes at 30 students. If all spots are taken, you can always sign up for the waitlist. Our app will notify you if any slots open up. You’re always welcome to drop by the studio to see if any last-minute unclaimed spots are available.  

We get it—things come up. If you’re signed up for a class and need to cancel, do so 12 hours before the class starts. Otherwise, you’re a no show.

If you’re a no show, your class package will still be charged for a class. If you’re a Rebel with monthly membership, you’re in the clear– no charges for you!

Please note, if you have not checked-in 3 minutes prior to class start time, your spot will be given to a fellow Rebel on the waitlist.

Make sure to download our app! It makes booking and purchasing at Yoga Rebels easy. You can view your visit and purchase history and navigate to our social media pages from it, too.

If you are already a Yoga Rebels member, you should have an account, so don’t worry about making a new one. Just log in using the email and password you signed up with. If you need assistance, send us an email: